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Fort Lauderdale Reckless/Careless Driving Car Accident Attorney Helps Those Injured by Bad Drivers

If you’ve been injured by a vehicle driver that was driving recklessly, this Fort Lauderdale, Florida Reckless Driving Car Accident Lawyer can help. Reckless driving can come in many forms. These include speeding, changing lanes without using “blinkers,” driving in a place where a vehicle is not supposed to be, driving down the wrong-way on a one way street, drunk/drinking and driving, texting and driving and distracted driving, driving through stop-signs, driving through red-lights, speeding in school zones, and making improper u-turns.

Reckless or careless driving is actually a crime. A reckless driver may receive a ticket for reckless driving or careless driving, and may be charged criminally as well. If the officer who investigated your accident gives the other driver in your crash a ticket for reckless or careless driving, then that officer may testify in Court. The officer may be able to testify to his observations that made him feel that the other driver was driving recklessly.

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Guidance for Clients of this Fort Lauderdale Reckless/Carless Driving Accident Lawyer

Reckless driving is characterized by a negligence that is so severe as to be reckless. Reckless driving is more than simple negligence. Negligence can be simply the making of a mistake. For example, if a driver drives through a red-light, that driver would be guilty of negligence.

Reckless driving, on the other hand, is characterized by negligence that is so severe as to be willful and wanton. For example, texting and driving while driving down the highway would be considered reckless.

Reckless driving can also be characterized by intentional behavior. For example, if a driver intentionally blows through a red-light or a stop-sign, then that driver can be convicted of reckless driving.

Compassionate Representation is the Hallmark of this South Florida Reckless/Careless Driving Crash Attorney

If the driver who caused your accident was driving recklessly at the time of the crash, then you may be able to pursue a punitive damages case against the other driver. Punitive damages are designed to punish the other driver involved in the wreck. They are different than compensatory damages, which are designed to compensate you for your injuries.

Certain types of reckless driving on behalf of the other driver may qualify you to obtain punitive damages. These include drinking and driving/drunk driving and texting and driving/distracted driving.

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