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This Fort Lauderdale Eye Injury Lawyer pursues client compensation zealously. He attempts to gain compensation for clients whose eyes have been injured in any location in Florida, including Broward County and in all areas of South Florida.

Eye injuries can occur for various types of reasons. For one, eye injuries can result from violent incidents. This typically involves objects unexpectedly entering the eye. This can occur during a car accident, due to a malfunctioning product, or after an intentional tort such as an assault or battery.

Such intrusion can cause damage to various structures in the eye. Because the cornea is located at the front of the eye, an outside object’s intrusion into the eye can frequently cause damage to the cornea.

The cornea is the structure which “bends” light at the front of the eye as that light is entering into the eye. As such, when the cornea has been affected, your vision may become distorted or blurred. If the injury is bad enough, then you may require a procedure such as a corneal transplant or other similar surgery.

Should you hurt your cornea or other structure in your eye due to an accident, call 954-448-7288 to consult with this Fort Lauderdale Eye Injury Law Firm. He will give you a free, no obligation consultation. If you choose to retain Mr. Quackenbush to represent you, he will do this on a contingency basis – this means that Mr. Quackenbush will not receive compensation for his work until you’ve received compensation from your case. So, there is no risk to you at all. Mr. Quackenbush can help you if you’ve sustained an eye injury in West Palm Beach or Miami as well. In fact, he represents clients around the State.

This Fort Lauderdale Eye Injury Lawyer Advices Client Victims of Eye Injuries

You may also sustain an eye injury due to medical malpractice or medical negligence. That is, if a doctor makes a mistake in your medical treatment, you may experience an eye injury. The typical doctor that treats you for an eye condition is referred to as an ophthalmologist. When ophthalmologists commit malpractice, frequently it is by failing to diagnosis certain eye conditions. This South Florida Eye Injury Lawyer represents clients who have been the victims of failures to diagnose eye injuries.

For example, one of the leading causes of blindness is a detached retina. The retina is located at the back of your eye. It is the area of your eye that senses light and, through the macula, sends signals back down your optic nerve to your brain and allows you to “see” and perceive the outside world.

A detached retina occurs when the retina starts to peel away or come loose from the back of the eye. A detached retina can start as a retinal tear or hole. A retinal tear or hole can have symptoms, and the beginning of a retinal detachment can have symptoms as well. These symptoms can include “floaters,” flashes of light, and a dark curtain which draws across the field of vision. If a patient presents to an ophthalmologist with these symptoms and the doctor does not diagnose the patient with the early stages of a detached retina, the doctor may be liable if the patient goes on to develop a detached retina and loses sight – especially if the blindness could have been prevented if the doctor had made the right diagnosis timely and provided or recommended treatment. This Broward County Eye Injury Attorney will be able to give you an accurate assessment of the doctor’s liability.

After a retinal detachment, a person’s prognosis becomes much worse. It may still be possible to re-attach the retina, but the person may not always regain perfect sight. This is especially true if the detachment has included the macula, or central part of the retina.

A detached retina can occur in either eye or in both eyes, so detached retinas can lead to total blindness. This is a debilitating condition and can lead to the inability to work or lead a normal life. The consequences are devastating, and Mr. Quackenbush can serve to gain compensation for the victim.

This South Florida Eye Injury Attorney Understands the Value of Loss of Vision

Other eye conditions that can occur include macular degeneration. This is seen when the macula, or central part of the retina that sends signals regarding light down the optic nerve and towards the brain, slowly begins to degenerate. Such degeneration can cause the gradual, progressive loss of vision.

Also causing loss of vision is glaucoma, which causes damage to the optic nerve. Again, glaucoma can wind up causing total blindness. One of the tests for glaucoma is the pressure in a person’s eye. If your ophthalmologist fails to detect an usual eye pressure or other sign of an eye problem (such as the early stages of macular degeneration) and a worsening eye condition results, you may have a medical malpractice case against the eye doctor.

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If you injure your eye due to an incident occurring anywhere in the State of Florida, dial 954-448-7288 to speak to Mr. Quackenbush for a free, no obligation consultation. Should you choose to retain Mr. Quackenbush on your case, he will handle your case on a contingency basis – this means that there will be no charge to you up front, and this Broward County Eye Injury Lawyer will only get paid for his work once you’ve received compensation. As such, there is no risk to you whatsoever.

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