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Seek help with this Fort Lauderdale Van Accident Lawyer. A van is a type of vehicle used for transportation of goods or people. A van is typically bigger than a car.

When used to transport people, vans typically carry multiple passengers. As a result, when a van is involved in an accident, many people can be injured. When this happens, the multiple injured people may be stuck dividing up the proceeds of an insurance policy. For example, if the driver of the van was at fault for the accident, then the multiple injured people can all make a claim against the driver. If the driver had a insurance policy, then the multiple injured victims can be struck dividing up the policy limits of that insurance policy (i.e., the maximum amount that can be recovered under the policy).

Vans should be equiped with as many seatbelts as there are passengers. However, this isn’t always the case. Frequently, vans will be recklessly used with missing seatbelts. If this is the case and severe injuries result (i.e., worse than they would have been if seatbelts were worn), either the designer and/or manufacturer, entity in charge of maintaining the van, or the owner may be responsible. For example, if the van was designed or manufactured without seatbelts, then the designer or manufacturer of the van will be responsible for the injuries. On the other hand, if the entity that maintained the van or the owner removed the seatbelts or failed to replace them after they were removed, then that entity or owner will be liable for the injuries.

Should this Fort Lauderdale Van Accident Law Firm represent you, there will be no risk to you as you will not be charged until a recovery is made on your behalf (it is said that the representation will be on “contingency”).

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A minivan is a type of van. Vehicles are classified as minivans based on their size. Mr. Quackenbush represents people who have been injured in minivan crashes, wrecks and accidents.

Because vans can be designed or manufactured “top-heavy” (i.e., with a high center of gravity), they can be prone to rollover. There can be many different causes of a van rollover accident. For one, the driver of a van can attempt to make an extremely sharp turn – thus flipping the van due to its top-heavy nature. In this scenario, the driver of the van and the designer/manufacturer of the van (depending on if it was built too top heavy) can be responsible for injuries that result.

Van rollover crashes can also be caused when a van’s tire hits something in the roadway (e.g. a curb, median or other object). In this scenario, it would typically be the fault of the van’s driver.

Finally, van rollover wrecks can be caused by a tire “blowout.” When a tire blow-out occurs, the van can be caused to change direction abruptly, and this can cause a van roll-over accident. This South Florida Van Accident Attorney handles cases involving tire-blowouts.

When a tire blowout occurs and causes a van roll-over crash, various entities can be responsible. The manufacturer of the tire can be responsible if the tire wasn’t built to proper standards. Further, an entity that maintained the tires can be responsible if the tires weren’t properly maintained. Third, the owner of the van can be responsible for putting a bad tire on the van.

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If you’ve been involved in a van accident, you may have a case against the driver of the van if the driver did anything to cause the crash (as in any of the scenarios above). On the other hand, if another vehicle negligently hit the van you were riding in and caused you injuries, then you may have a case against the driver of the other vehicle.

Finally, if you were driving your vehicle and you were hit by a van, you may have a case against the driver of the van. This Broward County Van Accident Attorney can help you sort through these options.

All sorts of injuries can result from a van wreck. In the situation where the van did not have the required number of seatbelts, you may be thrown around the van and sustain all sorts of catastrophic injuries – including brain injuries and orthopedic injuries. In addition, tragic deaths result from van accidents all of the time. In this situation, a “personal representative” (usually a loved one or family member) will be appointed to represent the deceased person’s estate and carry on the lawsuit. When the lawsuit is finished, proceeds from the case will go to the survivors or beneficiaries of the estate.

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If you decide to hire Mr. Quackenbush, there will be no risk to you as he will not get paid until you’ve made a recovery in your case (it is said that Mr. Quackenbush will work on “contingency”).

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