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Anthony Quackenbush is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida Intersection Car Accident Lawyer who helps clients who have been injured in crashes all over the State of Florida. Intersection car wrecks typically involve liability issues. This means that it is not always clear who was at fault for the accident, and each side may dispute liability.

For example, after an intersection accident, each driver may claim that the other driver had a red-light. Frequently, it will be impossible for both drivers to have green lights (for instance, if one car was going North and the other was going West). Nevertheless, it may be difficult to prove who had the green light and who had the red light.

As such, Mr. Quackenbush may hire an expert witness called an accident re-constructionist. The accident re-constructionist will look at various factors in order to try to prove that the other driver, rather than you, was speeding. For example, the accident re-constructionist might look at the timing-sequence of the lights at the intersection. Intersectional lights are typically programed at certain sequences. That is, each light will remain green for a certain amount of time, then cycle to yellow, red, etc. An accident re-constructionist can easily retrieve these light timing sequences from the owner of the roadway. Once he or she does this, he may be able to determine which driver had the red-light and which driver had the green-light based on these light timing-sequences.

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If the light timing-sequences at the intersection where your collision occurred were “off,” then you might have a roadway construction case against the owner of the intersection/roadway where your accident happened. That is, if drivers heading in multiple directions (for example, South and East) both had green lights and an intersection collision happened as a result, then you may be able to pursue a roadway construction case against the owner of the roadway/intersection and whoever was responsible for the defective, failing light timing-sequences.

Intersections also may contain green turn-arrows. If the driver that hit you did so while you were using a green turn-arrow, this would mean that the driver didn’t yield the right of way to you and therefore was at-fault for the accident. This Broward County Intersection Accident Lawyer represents clients who have been hit by other vehicles not yielding the right of way.

Intersections may have red-lights or stop-signs. Running a stop-sign is a traffic violation and, if the driver who hit you did this, he or she may be liable for your injuries.

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After your intersection crash, it will also be important to determine if the intersection where your accident happened had red-light cameras. Many of the Cities in the State of Florida (although not all) allow red-light cameras at intersections. If the intersection where your accident occurred had a red-light camera, it will be important to obtain the footage before it tapes over itself. After all, many of these red-light cameras are on “loops” – meaning that they tape over themselves after a certain amount of time. If you don’t obtain the footage from the red-light camera before it begins to tape over itself, then the footage may be lost forever.

Intersections can also represent the convergence of any number of roads. For example, the intersection where your accident happened may contact two roadways, three roadways, four roadways, etc.

After an intersection wreck, it will also obviously be crucial to obtain any potential witness testimony. Intersection accidents frequently are witnessed by multiple people. This is because of heavy traffic that typically occurs at intersections. If there were other people who witnessed your accident, it is important to obtain their names and contact information as soon as possible. Additionally, because stories change and memories fade, it is usually a good idea to obtain recorded witness statements or affidavits from these witnesses. This South Florida Intersection Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians are also frequently hit at intersections. Pedestrians are supposed to obey the traffic control signals that are meant for them. If you were a pedestrian that was hit in an intersection while the traffic control signals were telling you that you could cross the street, then you may be able to pursue a case against the driver who hit you.

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After Mr. Quackenbush starts working on your case, he will work on a contingency basis. This means that Mr. Quackenbush won’t charge you a dime until you’ve received compensation from your case, so there is no risk to you.

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