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Anthony Quackenbush handles roof crush cases as a Fort Lauderdale Roof Crush Lawyer. He works on accident cases involving roof crush in South Florida, Broward County and throughout Florida.

Roof crush typically occurs during to vehicle rollover accidents. When an automobile “rolls over,” there is typically force applied to the sides and roof of the vehicle as it roles. Vehicles are designed and manufactured to be able to withstand this impact and prevent injury to the occupants inside the vehicle. However, sometimes roofs are designed in ways that make them too weak. That is, they’re not able to withstand the force in a roll-over accident. In this situation, the roof may “crush,” implode, or cave in – causing the roof to come into contact with the occupants inside of the vehicle. This can clearly be devastating to the occupants of the vehicle.

Vehicles that are more prone to roll-over crashes are also more prone to resultant roof crushes. Because trucks and SUV’s are more top-heavy, they are typically more prone to roll-over wrecks. It is therefore important that trucks and SUV’s are designed and manufactured with stronger roofs. They may for example, be built using stronger roof pillars and support bars than other vehicles. These stronger roof pillars and support bars are designed to avoid roof crush.

In order to ensure that vehicles are safe and not prone to roof crush, the federal government mandates standards for “crashworthiness.” Crashworthiness indicates that a vehicle is safe enough to withstand an accident and protect its occupants. That is, if a vehicle is “crashworthy,” it will be safe enough for occupants in an accident to satisfy certain federal government standards. If it is not “crashworthy,” then it won’t.

When evaluating a vehicle’s crashworthiness, an expert may also inspect the vehicle’s crumple zones and safety cell. That is, a vehicle is supposed to have areas that can “crumple up” and still protect the vehicle’s safety cell (the area where the occupants are seated and the area that is not supposed to crumple – thus protecting the occupants).

In order to be crashworthy, vehicles are also supposed to exhibit “cargo barriers.” A cargo barrier is the divider between the passenger compartment of a vehicle and the cargo department (or area where items are stored – typically called the “trunk”). The purpose of a cargo barrier is to keep items from moving from the cargo compartment to the rest of the vehicle and injuring vehicle occupants.

Finally, when evaluating crashworthiness, experts inspect a vehicles windshield. Today’s vehicles are supposed to carry windshields that remain in place when they are shattered. The idea is to keep glass from flying into the inner compartment of the vehicle and injuring vehicle occupants.

In order to make vehicles more crashworthy in regards to roof crush, automobile manufacturers install roll bars and roll cages. They also install stronger windshields in order to provide additional support to the roof.

If you are hurt by an roof crush occurring anywhere in the State of Florida, contact this Broward County Roof Crush Attorney at 954-448-7288 for a free, no obligation consultation. If you retain Mr. Quackenbush to work on your case, he won’t get paid for his work until you’ve obtained compensation for your injuries. Mr. Quackenbush can also help you if you’ve been harmed due to roof crush in Miami or West Palm Beach.

Advice on Roof Crush to Clients of Fort Lauderdale Roof Crush Lawyer Anthony Quackenbush

Should you be injured in a roof crush crash occurring anywhere in the State of Florida, one of the most important things for you to do will be to preserve the vehicle. If your vehicle has experienced a rollover wreck and resultant roof crush, it is probably no longer operable. You may be included to “junk” the vehicle since you most likely won’t be able to ever drive it again. However, although it is severely damages, the vehicle is valuable evidence in your case. Without the vehicle, Mr. Quackenbush will not be able to prove that the roof was too weak or that it wouldn’t have caved in or imploded if it were designed and/or manufactured properly. It is therefore crucial that you preserve the vehicle as it is after the accident until this Fort Lauderdale Roof Crush Law Firm has had a chance to inspect it. Mr. Quackenbush will hire an automobile expert who will examine the vehicle and determine if it was designed and manufactured up to applicable standards.

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All different types of injuries can result from a roof crush wreck. Although severity of injuries depends on the speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident and the severity of the crash, roof crush accidents frequently result in catastrophic injuries. This is true because the momentum of the vehicle’s occupants, in combination with the momentum of the vehicle’s roof caving in to the cabin, can produce a serious impact between the roof and the occupants.

This South Florida Roof Crush Lawyer handles roof crush cases involving all types of injuries. Roof crushes frequently cause impact with the heads of vehicle occupants, so typical injuries resulting from a roof crush crash include open and closed head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, brain bleeds, spinal cord injuries, broken and fractured necks. Injuries from a roof crush accident can lead to such debilitating conditions including paralysis, quadriplegia, paraplegia, coma and vegetative states.

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Should you be injured due to a Roof Crush anywhere in the State of Florida, contact Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288 for a free, no obligation consultation. If you decide to hire Mr. Quackenbush to represent you in your case, this Broward County Roof Crush Lawyer won’t get paid until you’ve received compensation in your case – so there is no risk to you.

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