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Anthony Quackenbush is a Fort Lauderdale Vehicle Fire Lawyer. He handles all types of Vehicle Fire cases in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Miami, Miami-Dade County, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, South Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and throughout Florida.

Vehicle fires typically result due to vehicle fuel system defects. Fuel systems are designed to deliver fuel from the fuel tank to the vehicle’s engine. Vehicles today typically carry fuel systems that are designed not to ignite. However, sometimes vehicles are either designed or manufactured with defective fuel systems that can ignite and start a fire in case of an accident.

Vehicle fires can result from all sorts of reasons. Defective fuel systems include defective location of the fuel tank, design of the fuel cap, defective protection of the fuel line and fuel pump, and defective fuel pump switches. If the fuel tank is located in the wrong part of a vehicle or if there is inadequate protection of the vehicle fuel line or fuel pump, a fire can result from an accident if the fuel tank or vehicle fuel line/fuel pump are impacted and affected during the accident. If the design of the fuel cap or fuel pump switches are defective, a vehicle can experience a spontaneous fire.

If you’ve been injured due to a vehicle fire, contact this Fort Lauderdale Vehicle Fire Law Firm at 954-448-7288 for a free, no obligation consultation. Should you retain Mr. Quackenbush, he will not get paid until you’ve received compensation for your case – so there is no risk to you.

Fort Lauderdale Vehicle Fire Lawyer Anthony Quackenbush Advises Clients Regarding the Dangers of Vehicle Fires

Vehicle fires can result either before, during or after an accident. Vehicle fires that occur before an accident can occur spontaneously. When they do, they can actually cause an accident if the vehicle drivers are not able to effectively operate the vehicle.

Vehicle fires can also occur during and after an accident. Frequently, the accident itself can affect the fuel system and cause it to ignite. Vehicles are supposed to be designed with fuel systems that won’t ignite even in the case of an accident, but oftentimes this is not the case and vehicle fires may result from an accident. Vehicles can be left in flames after an accident. In many cases, the vehicle fire can cause worse injuries than the accident itself.

Certain vehicles are more susceptible to vehicle fires than others. For example, older vehicles are more prone to ignite. This is true because newer vehicles tend to be designed to better protect their fuel systems.

Further, light trucks and utility vehicles tend to be more susceptible to vehicle fires. Passenger vehicles are supposed to be designed nowadays to protect the passengers and not ignite. However, manufacturers of trucks and utility vehicles are not always so careful, and occupants of those vehicles may unfortunately pay the price.

South Florida Vehicle Fire Attorney Pursues Justice on Behalf of Vehicle Fire Clients

All sorts of injuries may result from vehicle fires. Typical injuries include burns and resultant scarring. Occupants of vehicles that experience fires can be badly burnt. With time, these burns can become scars and represent permanent injuries.

If you are injured in a vehicle accident occurring in Florida, this South Florida Vehicle Fire Lawyer will only be able to help you receive compensation for your pain and suffering if you can establish that you have sustained a permanent injury. That is, if you are injured in an accident but that injury is not permanent and gets better, then you will only be able to recover compensation for your medical bills and lost wages (and not your pain & suffering). In order to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering, you will need to prove that you have sustained a permanent injury. Scars due to burns can count as permanent injuries since they do not typically go away.

Additionally, burns are typically treated with antibiotics in order to prevent infections. However, infections may still result. These infections may require extensive treatment including multiple surgeries.

A typical vehicle fire case is governed by a four-year statute of limitations. This means that, if you’ve been injured by a vehicle fire, you have four years to bring your case. If you don’t, then you will be forever barred from pursuing a case. If the vehicle fire caused a death, then this time limitation may be different. It is therefore crucial that you contact this Broward County Vehicle Fire Attorney as soon as possible. He will make sure that your rights are protected.

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If you sustain injuries due to a vehicle fire, contact Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288 for a free, no obligation consultation. Should you hire this Broward County Vehicle Fire Lawyer, he won’t get compensated for his work until you’ve made a recovery in your case. This means that there is no risk to you.

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