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Turn to this Fort Lauderdale, Florida AndroGel Lawyer if you’ve been harmed by the drug AndroGel anyplace in the State of Florida. AndroGel is a testosterone-booster that is applied to the body in the form of a gel. Its purpose is to increase the levels of testosterone in the body.

Low levels of testosterone in the body can be a result of “hypogonadism” – which is defined as a failure of the gonads (testicles in men and ovaries in women) to function properly. This can result in a condition called “andropause” – which is characterized by low levels of testosterone in the body. AndroGel’s stated purpose is to fight this condition.

AndroGel is manufactured by the company AbbVie. Although the drug was originally intended to boost testosterone in the body and fight against the effects of aging, there is absolutely no proof that it actually does this. Rather, AndroGel can have all sorts of harmful effects on the body. These include heart attacks.

If you’ve been harmed by the drug AndroGel anyplace in the State of Florida (including Miami/Miami-Dade County and West Palm Beach/Palm Beach County), call Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288. Mr. Quackenbush will gladly give you a free, no obligation consultation and discuss all aspects of your case.

Once you’ve hired Mr. Quackenbush to work on your case, he will operate on contingency. This means that there is no risk to you as Mr. Quackenbush won’t charge you anything at all until a recovery has been made in your case.

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AndroGel has also been known to increase the risk of thrombosis, which is a vascular disease which results from a blood clot which forms inside of a blood vessel. The blood clot can prevent the flow of blood through the circulatory system, which can cause all sorts of problems for the body.

This Broward County AndroGel Lawyer represents people who have developed all sorts of conditions as a result of the drug AndroGel

The problem arises when AndroGel is prescribed for aging men with age-related testosterone decline. The Food and Drug Administration has warned that the drug should not be used for age-related hypogonadism. When it is, it can cause heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

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Heart attacks can easily result in tragic death. When it does, loved ones of the deceased person may be stuck pursuing a wrongful death case. In a wrongful death case, typically a relative of the decedent will be appointed as the personal representative of the estate. When the case settles, the proceeds will go to the beneficiaries of the estate (i.e., the loved one’s survivors).

This South Florida AngroGel Lawyer fights hard for the families of people who have passed away as a result of the drug AndroGel.

Testim is another testosterone-gel produced by the company Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Eli Lilly also manufactures a testosterone pump applicator product called Axiron, and Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. does the same in the form of its product Fortesa testosterone gel. All of these products can unfortunately have the same catastrophic consequences as AndroGel.

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Once you’ve spoken with and decided to hire Mr. Quackenbush, he will work on contingency. This means that there will be no risk to you as Mr. Quackenbush won’t get paid a dime until a recovery is made in your case.

If you’ve been harmed by the drug AndroGel anyplace in the State of Florida, contact this Broward County AndroGel Attorney at 954-448-7288. He will give you a free, no obligation consultation and discuss with you all aspects of your case.

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