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Post-Surgical Infection

Contact this Fort Lauderdale Post-Surgical Infection Lawyer if you’ve developed an infection after a surgery happening anywhere in the State of Florida. While surgery can be helpful in treating a patient, it is not without risks. Amongst those risks is the possibility of developing a post-surgical infection.

Post-surgical infections can result from any number of factors. Amongst these are dirty surgical instruments. When a doctor uses a contaminated surgical tool, there is the chance that the patient may become infected. If this occurs, the patient’s infection can worsen over time and eventually become hazardous.

Another possible cause of a post-surgical infection includes poorly ventilated operating rooms (“OR’s”). When an operating room isn’t properly ventilated, it may allow dangerous bacteria to develop. Through incisions, patient’s bodies are typically open to the outside environment during a surgery. As such, dangerous bacteria in the OR may contaminate a surgical patient’s wound and cause a dangerous infection.

Should you develop an infection after a surgical procedure happening anyplace in the State of Florida (including Miami, Miami-Dade County, West Palm Beach or Palm Beach County), call this Fort Lauderdale Post-Surgical Infection Law Firm for a free, no obligation consultion. Mr. Quackenbush can be reached at 954-448-7288, and will happily talk to you about your case at no charge.

Mr. Quackenbush will work on your case on contingency. This means that there is no risk to you as Mr. Quackenbush will not get paid for his work until you’ve been compensated for your injuries.

This Fort Lauderdale Post-Surgical Infection Lawyer Assists Clients in Their Times of Need

Another possible cause of a hospital infection is unclean hands of doctors/physicians, nurses or other medical providers. When a medical provider doesn’t properly sanitize, he or she may possibly infect a patient during a surgery. By causing a dangerous infection, the medical provider can cause catastrophic consequences for the patient.

Additionally, medical providers who know that are carrying infections are not supposed to work on patients. They are supposed to report their infections to the hospital or medical facility where they work, and the medical facility is supposed to prevent them from working until they no longer carry the infection and aren’t contagious. If this is disregarded and the medical providers infect their patients as a result, they may be liable for those infections. If the infection was initially reported by the medical provider to the hospital or medical facility and the medical facility failed to prevent the medical provider from working, then the facility itself can be liable as well.

Guidance Provided by this South Florida Hospital Infection Law Firm

Some infections that may result after a surgical procedure include surgical-site infection (SSI) and catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI). A CAUTI may result when a catheter is placed in an unsterile environment. If this occurs, a dangerous urinary tract infection may result.

Another infection that frequently develops after surgeries is methicillin-resistant staphylococcus sureus (“MRSA”). MRSA is a powerful staph infection that is fairly resistant to treatment with antibiotics. If MRSA goes untreated, it can cause bone and muscle deterioration. If left untreated long enough, it may even cause death.

Finally, in worst case scenarios, sepsis may develop from an infection. Sepsis is a condition in which an infection progresses to the point that the body’s immune system begins to turn against itself. The immune system will actually begin to attack the body’s organs and death can result.

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For a free, no obligation, contact Mr. Quackenbush if you’ve developed an infection after a surgery occurring anywhere in the State of Florida. Mr. Quackenbush can be reached at 954-448-7288, and will gladly talk to you about all aspects of your case at no charge to you.

Mr. Quackenbush works on contingency. This means that there is no risk to you as Mr. Quackenbush doesn’t get paid for his work until you’ve received compensation.

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