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Turn to this Florida Stockert 3T Heater-Cooler Lawyer for help in desperate times. The Stockert 3T Heater-Cooler is a piece of equipment designed to regulate a patient’s internal temperature during a cardiopulmonary bypass procedure (typically during an open-chest surgery). Over 250,000 cardiopulmonary bypass procedures are performed each day in the United States. 3T represents 60-65 percent of the market for heater-coolers in the Country.

The Stockert 3T Heather-Cooler system is dangerous because it may harbor non-tuberculous mycobacterium (NTM). Overall, there are over 200 mycobacterium species. One frequent mycobacterium, M. Chimaera, is extremely slow growing. Another, M. Abscessus, is extremely fast growing. Contamination with these mycobacterium can cause serious infections in the user’s body.

There are several problems with the 3T system that allows the development of the mycobacterium species. For one, there are design defects in the system itself that allow the mycobacterium formation. These design defects are the responsibility of the manufacturer of the system.

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Secondly, there have been problems in the way the system is manufactured. For example, the mycobacterium M. Chimaera has been found at a German manufacturing plant. The mycobacterium can contaminate the 3T systems there. Once contaminated, the 3T system can later infect a surgical patient.

Lastly, there have been problems with failures to warn on the part of the designer and manufacturer. That is, designers and manufacturers of products are responsible for warning potential users of those products when they know that harms could potentially result from usage of the products. When they don’t warn (despite knowing of the potential harms), then the designers and manufacturers can be responsible for injuries that result.

In the instant situation, the manufacturer of the 3T system has known of the potential dangers for awhile. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has consistently failed to warn of those dangers. As a result, the manufacturer is responsible for the harms caused.

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Symptoms of an infection caused by the 3T system include fatigue, fever, sweats, dyspnea, weight loss and cough. Treatment for this infection may last for years. Such treatment may also have severe side effects.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have both linked the 3T system to mycobacteriums. The FDA and CDC have both also advised hospitals to begin informing patients of the risks of the 3T system.

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After beginning work on your case, Mr. Quackenbush will work on contingency. This means that there is no risk to you as Mr. Quackenbush won’t get paid for his work until a recovery has been made in your case.

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