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This Miami Swimming Pool Accident Attorney Seeks Compensation for the Victims of Drownings

The families of victims of tragic drownings turn to this Miami Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer for assistance. In Florida, because of the weather, swimming pools are everywhere. And swimming pools can be quite enjoyable, especially with the heat. However, if proper safety measures aren’t taken, swimming pools can be quite dangerous.

Swimming pool accidents occur due to any number of reasons. For example, children unfortunately are frequently the victims of swimming pool accidents. They may, for instance, wander onto the property of a neighbor. If the neighbor doesn’t have a fence or gate around his or her pool, a child may fall into the pool and drown.

In this way, pools are referred to as “attractive nuisances.” Property owners know that swimming pools may attract children, especially children who live right next door or in the neighborhood. As such, property owners have a responsibility to keep their properties safe and put a fence or gate around their pools. If they don’t and a child is harmed as result, then the property owner may be liable.

Additionally, pools frequently exist on public property. Many of these “public pools” are attended by life-guards. A life-guard is supposed to supervise the safe use of the pool. If a life-guard doesn’t do his or her job and somebody drowns as a result, the lifeguard (and his or her employer) may be responsible.

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The “public pool” scenario mentioned above can also occur on a private property. For instance, if a homeowner invites other people to his or her property and once of those people drowns in the pool, then the homeowner can be held responsible if he or she didn’t take adequate precautions to prevent the incident (gates and fences around pools in the case of children, etc.).

Pool accidents can also occur when hair or clothing gets caught in “drains.” If the drain is located under the water, the victim may be unable to raise his or her head above water – and a drowning may result.

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Pool accidents may also come in the form of slip and fall accidents. Pool decks, like any surface, are required to be safe. If a pool deck is overly slippery and somebody is injured as a result, then the property owner will be liable.

If this occurred to you, then Mr. Quackenbush may hire an engineer or building code expert to test the “coefficient of friction” of the pool-deck surface. Coefficient of friction measures how slippery a surface is. If the coefficient of friction is too low, that means that there is not enough friction on the surface and it will be dangerously slippery.

If your accident occurred on a pool deck, then the building code expert or engineer will likely test the surface both when it is dry and wet. This is because, although pool decks are frequently wet, they are required to be safe both when dry and wet. That is, the constructers of pool decks know that those surfaces will frequently be wet as a result of people getting in-and-out of the pools, the weather, etc. As such, such constructors are required to build their pool decks in a fashion that will make them safe both when dry and wet. If they don’t, then they will be liable for any injuries that result (and so will the property owners).

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