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If you hire this West Park Personal Injury Lawyer, you can be confident that you will get the best representation possible. West Park is a municipality located in Broward County, Florida. It was incorporated in 2005. West Park is located in the southeastern section of Broward County.

Included in West Park are the neighborhoods of Carver Ranches, Lake Forest, Miami Gardens (which exists partially in Broward County) and Utopia.

West Park was named because a portion of the City exists to the west of the town of Pembroke Park. The name was originally only supposed to be temporary, but eventually it was accepted as permanent.

To the south of West Park is Miami-Dade County, to the east Pembroke Park, to the north Hollywood, and to the west Miramar. There are four zip codes total in West Park.

14,156 people lived in West Park as of 2010. In 2016, the estimate was that 15,112 people lived in West Park. Mr. Quackenbush represents these people in their personal injury cases of all sorts.

West Park is known as the “City of Positive Progression.” It is governed by a City Commission and run by a City Manager. Lawsuits against the City must be approved by the City Commission. These cases are known as cases of sovereign immunity. Unfortunately, recovery in cases of sovereign immunity are capped at $200,000. In other words, if you are bringing a lawsuit against a City, County or the State, the most you will be able to recover is $200,000.

The only exception to this is in the form of a “Claims Bill” filled in the State Legislature in Tallahassee. That is, in certain circumstances, the State Legislature can pass a bill allowing for you to recover more than the $200,000 cap.

Once you hire this West Park Personal Injury Law Firm, Mr. Quackenbush will work on contingency. This means that he won’t get paid for his work until a recovery has been made, so there is no risk to you.

Call Mr. Quackenbush today for a free, no obligation consultation. You can reach him at 954-448-7288. Mr. Quackenbush will gladly talk to you about your case for free.

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West Park was named a 2011 Playful City USA community by the non-profit organization KaBOOM! This is a testament to the family/kid friendly nature of the City. Mr. Quackenbush represents children who have been injured in accidents. In those cases, the children’s parents technically have to act as the “Plaintiffs” and bring the cases on behalf of their children.

When cases involving children settle, sometimes the settlements have to be approved by a Judge. This depends on the amount. If the amount that will go to the child is over $15,000, then the settlement must be approved by a Judge. If not, then it won’t need to be approved.

There are many older people living in West Park as well. Mr. Quackenbush represents the elderly in their cases of nursing home abuse and elderly neglect also.

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Mr. Quackenbush handles all sorts of personal injury cases in West Park, Florida. These include car, vehicle and automobile crash, accident, wreck and collision cases. It also includes premises liability cases such as slip and fall and trip & fall accidents. Premises liability cases also include cases of negligent security, in which a business establishment doesn’t provide enough or adequate security and a crime ensues as a result. If you are injured in such a situation, you may have a negligent security case against the business establishment.

A negligent security case will typically be strongest if the crime occurred in a bad neighborhood. After all, if it occurred in a bad area, then you will be able to easily make the argument that the business establishment should have known that better security was required.

Mr. Quackenbush also represents West Park residents in their cases of medical malpractice and doctor/hospital negligence. Finally, Mr. Quackenbush represents people who have been injured in cases of products liability or hurt by defective products in West Park.

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Once Mr. Quackenbush begins working on your case, he will work on contingency – which means that he won’t charge you a dime until a recovery has been made in your case. So, there is no risk to you.

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Anthony is knowledgeable, accessible and provides explanations in detail so your particular case is easier to understand step by step. I strongly recommend Anthony to anyone in search of an attorney.

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Anthony Quackenbush is a top-notch attorney who will go the distance for you and your family. There aren’t many attorneys you can trust in South Florida, but rest assured that Mr. Quackenbush is as loyal and trustworthy as they come.

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Tony Quackenbush is an awesome attorney. He was patient, effective, and professional with handling my personal injury case. He secured more money for my injury then I ever would have hoped or dreamed. I'm whole today because of Tony.

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