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Anthony Quackenbush is a West Palm Beach T-Bone Car Accident Lawyer who handles cases involving all kinds of injuries. Any kind of car accident can be hazardous and cause serious personal and property damage, but T-bone accidents) also known as side-impact collisions) often the most catastrophic injuries. T-bone wrecks happen when one driver strikes the side of another individual’s car, like the letter T. These accidents typically take place at intersections when the front-end of a vehicle collides with the side panel of another vehicle. These crashes can be particularly devastating as the sides of cars often fail to sufficiently protect the driver and passengers from injury. If you or someone you love has been involved in a T-bone accident and sustained serious injuries consequently, contact Mr. Quackenbush as soon as possible.

T-bone accidents commonly take place at intersections or at a traffic sign or light. If your accident occurred at a red light and you think that the camera might have recorded your accident, then you should get the video footage of the accident – which will help you in many ways. But it is important that you get the video footage of your accident as soon as possible because most of the red light cameras are on loops which means that they tape over themselves every so often.

If you or someone from your family has been injured in a T-Bone accident anywhere in the State of Florida (including Miami/Miami-Dade County and Fort Lauderdale/Broward County), contact this West Palm Beach T-Bone Car Accident Law Firm for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Mr. Quackenbush will talk to you about your case at length. He will work on a contingency basis – which means that you don’t pay any lawyer’s fees until he wins compensation for you. Talk about your case with an experienced lawyer like Mr. Quackenbush and let him take care of the rest.

This West Palm Beach T-Bone Car Accident Lawyer Answers Questions Regarding Airbags

The impact of a T- Bone vehicle accident is usually so severe, it is important that the vehicles involved in those collisions be built carefully. It is said that vehicles must be built crashworthy. Vehicle crashworthiness refers to the ability of a vehicle to protect its occupants in the case of a collision. Crashworthiness features such as seatbelts, rollbars, airbags, and headrests are intended to reduce injury and the risk of fire, as well as prevent expulsion from the vehicle.

However, if these features fail, severe injury can occur, leading to questions of crashworthiness. Mr. Quackenbush handles cases where vehicles are proven to not be crashworthy. In addition, vehicles these days must be designed and manufactured with airbags. In a T-Bone accident, airbags are very important. In the case of a side impact, airbags protect vehicle occupants. If airbags were not installed in the vehicle and a T-Bone vehicle wreck occurs and this contributed to your injuries, you might have a vehicle products liability case against the designer or manufacturer of the vehicle.

Alternatively, in some cases, airbags will be installed in a vehicle but will not deploy during a T-Bone crash. In that case, you may have a case against the manufacturer of the airbags. This is true even if some of the airbags deployed, but not all of them (including the side airbags). In order to win in this type of case, you will have to prove that your injuries would not have happened, or would not have been as bad, if the airbags had functioned correctly.

Liability Questions Answered by this Palm Beach County T-Bone Vehicle Crash/Wreck Law Firm

T-bone accidents refer to a situation in which the front end (or back-end) of one car hits the side of another, especially in the area of the cabin – where the occupants are most vulnerable. Another important factor to consider is that the “light-timing sequencing” can be observed to find out who caused a T-bone accident happening at an intersection. As such, if you choose Mr. Anthony Quackenbush to represent you in your case, he may hire an expert witness known as an accident re-constructionist who will look at different factors in order to attempt to verify that the other driver, rather than you, was driving at a high speed. For instance, the accident re-constructionist may consider the timing-sequence of the intersectional lights. Each intersectional light will remain green for some time, then cycle to yellow, red, etc. An accident re-constructionist can simply retrieve these light timing sequences from the owner of the highway. Once she or he does this, the accident reconstructionist might be able to figure out which driver had the green-light and which driver had the red-light based on these light timing-sequences.

The Black box/Electronic Data Recorder (EDR)/GPS data can also give information on who was most likely at fault for the wreck. These days, this device is installed in most vehicles to give information on vehicle speeds, positions, and directions at the time of an accident. This data is clearly helpful in making the determination about accident liability (i.e., who was at fault).

T-bone or side-impact accidents can cause severe injuries since there is an insufficient buffer between the occupants of the vehicle and the impacting vehicle. T-bone accidents are known for also causing traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis, and more serious spinal injuries, such as a herniated disc. During a side impact, a vehicle occupant’s neck can jerk to the side and back violently. Such movement is oftentimes worse than a front-to-back motion. This is because the neck is meant to move forwards and backward, whereas it is not meant to move to the side to the same degree. As such, T-bone crashes can frequently cause cervical (i.e., neck) herniated discs.

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