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A highway accident can be a very traumatic occurrence. If you or a family member has been involved in a catastrophic highway or thruway accident, there is a need to mourn, to grieve, to try to put your lives back together. It is also important to contact this experienced West Palm Beach Highway/Thruway/Freeway/I-95/Turnpike/I-75 accident attorney.

Many times highway accidents involve multiple vehicles since highways can contain many vehicles. There can easily be numerous people injured when various vehicles are involved in a highway wreck. If this is the case, those numerous people might be caught dividing up whatsoever vehicle insurance money there is available to offer compensation. As such, it is important to call a legal representative and make a claim as soon as possible.

Multiple-car pileup accidents are possible in areas with high traffic congestion like highways and thruways. The majority of these accidents are caused by people who are failing to follow basic rules of driving including keeping a safe distance between vehicles. Keeping a sufficient distance of at least a minimum of one car-length must be part of your driving habits.

Oftentimes, high-speed accidents happen on highways where the nature of the roadway allows motorists to reach speeds they wouldn’t be able to on smaller, inner-city roads. These accidents often leave accident victims with debilitating injuries and expensive medical bills. When this happens to you, it is very important to take pictures of the damage to the different vehicles involved in the accident. Because the damage to the vehicles will most likely be repaired sooner or later, you will want to be able to document later exactly what the damage looked like at the time of the crash.

If you or somebody close to you has been hurt in a highway and thruway accident occurring anywhere in the State of Florida, you may be able to receive compensation for your losses through the legal process, and for that call this West Palm Beach Highway Accident Law Firm. Mr. Quackenbush can be reached at 954-448-7288 to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. He takes most cases on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t need to pay any attorney’s fees unless he wins compensation for you. He works quickly to obtain a fair and just result for your case.

Crucial Advice from this West Palm Beach Highway/Thruway/Freeway/I-95/Turnpike/I-75 Crash Lawyer

Death can, unfortunately, result from highway and thruway accidents because there are usually such high speeds and forces involved. If your loved one died in a highway and thruway accident, then on the behalf of your loved one you might be able to pursue a wrongful death case. You or another family member or relative will act as the technical “Plaintiff” in a wrongful death case and bring the case on the behalf of your loved one. The proceeds from the case will be received by the beneficiaries of the estate (i.e. decedent’s survivors).

On highways and thruways, sideswipe/side impact wrecks can take place as vehicles try to change lanes without warning or improperly (i.e., not using their “blinkers”/light signals) because there are usually various lanes of traffic on highways and thruways. Side/sideswipe impact accidents can cause several injuries that may include herniated cervical/neck discs.

This West Palm Beach Highway/Thruway/I-95/Turnpike/I-75 accident lawyer assists clients who have sustained all kinds of injuries consequently of highway wrecks.

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are quite common occurrences on highways and thruways. Some people’s first reaction is to flee the scene of an accident, either out of panic, to avoid liability or a possible criminal prosecution for impaired driving. If this happens to you, one thing you must do is attempt to find out which exit the driver who caused the accident used to leave the highway or thruway. This can be very helpful because you might be able to obtain the red-light cameras at neighboring intersections. Such a recording could potentially disclose the identity of the driver who caused the accident.

Strong Representation Provided by this West Palm Beach Highway/Thruway/Freeway/I-95/Turnpike/I-75 Wreck Attorney

If the accident occurred at a red light and there existed a red-light camera that might have recorded your hit-and-run accident, then you should get the video footage of the accident that will help you in many ways. But it is important that you get the video footage of your accident as soon as possible because most of the red light cameras are on “loops” which means that they tape over themselves every so often.

In addition, if your hit-and-run wreck took place on Florida’s Turnpike, then you could be able to find out the identity of the other driver by obtaining information from the SunPass Toll booths.

If you have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident, this West Palm Beach Highway/Thruway/I-95/Turnpike/I-75 accident attorney can assist you to attempt to figure out the identity of the driver that caused your crash.

Also, in the State of Florida, I-95 contains “Express Lanes” which permit drivers in those lanes who pay more fees to go quicker. Although convenient, such Express Lanes might be hazardous as drivers enter into and exit them, and an accident can easily take place.

Moreover, drivers frequently “fail-to-yield” as they are entering/exiting highways and thruways, and wrecks can result from this additionally.

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If you have suffered serious injuries in any highway and thruway caused by the carelessness of another, the experienced accident attorney Mr. Quackenbush at this Palm Beach County Highway/Thruway/Freeway/I-95/Turnpike/I-75 accident law firm can help. Mr. Quackenbush handles cases all over Palm Beach County – including Belle Glade, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Greenacres, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, Riviera Beach, Royal Palm Beach and Wellington.

Mr. Quackenbush has the experience, resources, and compassion to make sure that you obtain the best representation when you need it the most. He will only get paid once you have made a recovery in your case. Contact Mr. Quackenbush today at 954-448-7288, for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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