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This West Palm Beach ATV Accident Attorney Helps People Injured in All-terrain Vehicle Accidents

Riding all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) is a very popular activity in South Florida. ATVs are off-road vehicles that allow users to discover different courses through wooded areas and open land. ATVs can be fun, but, if used improperly, they can also be risky. ATVs do not handle well on pavement. They are meant for off-road use and, even when used on dirt roads, they can still cause serious accidents. Mr. Quackenbush has helped many people who were involved in these types of accidents. Contact this experienced ATV accident attorney today if you need help with your case.

While riding ATV’s, riders are not protected. As such, many riders have sustained catastrophic injuries because their ATV had no side doors or a roof. Most ATV’s accidents are caused by careless drivers, inexperienced drivers, or drunk drivers. You might have a case against several parties when you are injured on an ATV.

An ATV driver’s inattentiveness, carelessness and lack of experience often results in serious injury to themselves, their passengers and to bystanders. If you are injured as a passenger on an ATV due to driver carelessness, you may have a case against that driver who caused the crash.

Some ATV accidents are caused by manufacturing defects in the ATV itself. In legal terms, “manufacturing defects” are flaws in the manufacturing process that result in defective vehicles or vehicle parts. People who have been injured due to manufacturing defects in an ATV many have product liability lawsuits against the manufacturer of the defective ATV that caused their injuries.

If you’ve been injured in an ATV accident caused by defective equipment or someone else’s negligence, you may be able to receive compensation for your losses through the legal process and, for that, call this West Palm Beach attorney. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an attorney with extensive experience in ATV crash litigation, call this West Palm Beach ATV Accident Law Firm at 954-448-7288.

This West Palm Beach ATV Accident Lawyer Assists Injured People in their Time of Need

Many times, failure to wear a helmet may cause worse injuries after an ATV wreck. Lack of a helmet may cause various brain injuries. Although it is not required by the law that you wear a helmet while riding an ATV, it is advised for safety reasons.

This Broward County ATV Accident lawyer might hire an expert called a “biomechanical engineer” If you’ve been involved in an ATV accident without wearing a helmet. The biomechanical engineer will analyze the accident and attempt to determine if your lack of a helmet contributed to the accident. In many cases, a helmet would not have made any difference in regards to injury severity. For instance, if your brain injury was caused by a blow to the face rather than to the side, top or back of your head then a helmet might have made little difference in preventing or lessening your brain injury.

Commonly, minors are involved in ATV wrecks because children frequently use ATV’s. While children are permitted to ride ATV’s, they should be supervised while doing so. If an adult permits a child to ride an ATV unsupervised and an accident happens, the child involved in the accident might be able to pursue a personal injury case against that adult who permitted the child to ride the ATV unsupervised.

Any settlement involving a minor must be approved a judge. These settlements are commonly in the form of “structured settlements.” Frequently, once the minor reaches the age of majority, payments begin to be made in regular installments.

Compensation for Clients Achieved by this Palm Beach County ATV Collision Law Firm

Mr. Quackenbush is a highly skilled lawyer and knows how to handle complicated cases and has helped many victims recover from their injuries occurring anywhere in the State of Florida. For instance, he represents clients in Miami, Miami-Dade County, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and South Florida.

Injuries caused by ATV accidents can be catastrophic because ATV’s are not enclosed. A large number of ATV collisions result in traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injuries, quadriplegia, paraplegia, skull fractures, and fatalities.

If you have sustained a broken bone in an ATV accident occurring anywhere in the State of Florida, contact this Broward County ATV Accident Lawyer. In the State of Florida, the statute of limitations in an ATV wreck case is four years – thus it is vital to contact an experienced ATV accident attorney ASAP.

Much Needed Assistance Provided by This South Florida ATV Crash/Wreck Attorney

If you have been the victim of an ATV accident due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence anywhere in the State of Florida, call 954-448-7288 to contact Mr. Quackenbush, an experienced ATV accident attorney for a free, no-obligation consultation. Mr. Quackenbush will work on contingency. This means that there is no charge to you until you’ve received compensation in your case – so there is no risk to you.

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