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West Palm Beach Brain Injury Attorney

West Palm Beach Brain Injury Attorney

Mr. Quackenbush is a West Palm Beach Brain Injury Lawyer. A brain injury can result from any type of accident, and the resulting impact on a sufferer is usually life-changing. The initial accident typically requires emergency medical care, and there is often ongoing treatment that leads to further healthcare costs. Suffering, pain and other losses can hit your household hard, which is particularly tough at a time when you can’t work because of the extent of your brain injury. Anthony Quackenbush is a West Palm Beach Brain Injury Lawyer who has the experience you need to obtain the highest level of compensation allowed for all of the damages you sustain.

Brain injuries are called either traumatic or non-traumatic, depending on the particular cause.

Traumatic brain injury is caused by trauma to the head from a hard blow, car accident, fall, knife wound or gunshot. TBI can cause several issues for the person who is injured. This may include changes in the person’s behavior, physical changes, or problems with thinking skills.

Non-traumatic brain injuries do not involve external forces. Rather, these injuries are caused by infection or by exposure to toxic agents such as lead or carbon monoxide. They may also be the result of events which block or limit the presence or proper use of oxygen in the brain.

If you have suffered a brain injury in a car accident, you comprehend how these dreadful injuries invade every area of your life. Calculations, simple tasks, or communications become increasingly hard. And the thought of chasing down compensation for your injuries might seem overwhelming. That’s why this skilled West Palm Beach Brain Injury Law Firm is here to help. If you’ve sustained a brain injury anyplace in the State of Florida (including Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Miami, Miami-Dade County, or anyplace in South Florida), for more information about your legal rights and options, call 954-448-7288 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

West Palm Beach Brain Injury Lawyer Counsels Clients

A brain injury can be detected on an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT scan, or DTI testing.

When you have sustained a serious brain injury, you may need to see more than one doctor over the course of your medical treatment. These may include a neurologist, who is frequently a consultant rather than a primary doctor for head-injured patients. A neurosurgeon is a physician who operates on your brain and will work to reduce the damage to the nerves, the brain and the rest of the body.

Discuss your Rights with a South Florida Brain Injury Law Firm

When you suffer a brain injury, you might regrettably wind up with enduring impairments as well as gait difficulties and limps, speech problems and slurred speech, amnesia and other memory problems, and seizures. These symptoms can be the consequence of atrophy in your brain or low blood flow to some parts of your brain. You might need to see a neuropsychologist in order to determine your level of cognitive injury. He will compare the results from the neuropsychological testing to a baseline (for example, neuropsychological testing from before the accident) and determine the effects of the accident on your cognitive abilities.

You might also need to see a speech therapist to help you with your speech depending on the level of your injuries. You may also need to see a physical therapist to help you with your gate depending on the level of your gait difficulties.

If you are suffering seizures after your brain injury, you might need to remain on prescription medication in order to prevent further seizures. In fact, you may be required to take medication for the rest of your life.

Contact Anthony Quackenbush, Broward County Brain Injury Attorney/Lawyer

If you or anyone in your family has suffered a catastrophic brain injury due to somebody else’s negligence in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Miami, Miami-Dade County, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, South Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and throughout Florida, contact Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288. He works on a contingency basis which means that you do not pay until he either wins your case or settles out of court. He offers a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal options. He has represented many tragic victims of brain injury.

Client Reviews

Anthony is knowledgeable, accessible and provides explanations in detail so your particular case is easier to understand step by step. I strongly recommend Anthony to anyone in search of an attorney.

Justin W.

Anthony Quackenbush is a top-notch attorney who will go the distance for you and your family. There aren’t many attorneys you can trust in South Florida, but rest assured that Mr. Quackenbush is as loyal and trustworthy as they come.

Gabriel D.

Tony Quackenbush is an awesome attorney. He was patient, effective, and professional with handling my personal injury case. He secured more money for my injury then I ever would have hoped or dreamed. I'm whole today because of Tony.

Yesi P.

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