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Pompano Beach, FL

This Pompano Beach Personal Injury Attorney Assists Clients in Pompano Beach

Justice is consistently obtained by this Pompano Beach Personal Injury Lawyer. Pompano Beach is situated in Broward County, Florida. To the east of Pompano Beach is the Atlantic Ocean. To the northeast are Hillsboro Beach and Lighthouse Point, Florida. To the north is Deerfield Beach, Florida. To the west is Coconut Creek, Florida. To the southwest are Margate and North Lauderdale. To the south is Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To the southeast is Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida.

As of the year 2010, 99,845 people lived in Pompano Beach. That number had grown to 102,984 by the year 2012 and 109,393 people by the year 2016, so the City is growing. Mr. Quackenbush represents many of the people in Pompano Beach with their personal injury cases of all sorts.

The motto of the City of Pompano Beach is “Florida’s Warmest Welcome.” Pompano Beach was settled around 1880 to 1896. It was incorporated as the Town of Pompano in 1908. In 1947, it was incorporated as the City of Pompano Beach.

Governed by a City Commission, Pompano Beach is run by a City Manager. It has one Mayor, one Vice Mayor, four City Commissioners, and a City Clerk. In 2004, the City of Pompano Beach elected its first Mayor.

When an injured person sues the City, any settlement must be approved by the City Commission. This is typically called a “sovereign immunity” case (i.e., a case against a city, county or the State). Sovereign immunity cases are typically capped at $200,000 in damages (meaning that this is typically the most an injured person can obtain from the governmental entity).

In a sovereign immunity case, the injured person must also typically give the governmental entity six-months notice before bringing a lawsuit.

For free, no obligation consultation, contact Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288. He will gladly talk to you about your case for free. If Mr. Quackenbush ends up becoming your attorney, he will work on contingency – which means that he won’t charge you anything until you’ve made a recovery in your case. So, there is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever.

Aggressive Representation Provided by This Pompano Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

Pompano Beach is made up of 24.71 square miles (there are three zip codes in the City). Amongst these are .67 square miles of water. Additionally, Pompano Beach includes with it about three miles of shoreline. As such, water-related activities in Pompano Beach are plentiful. While these activities can be enjoyable, they can also be very dangerous. As such, Mr. Quackenbush represents people who have been injured in boating, jet ski and waverunner, and parasailing accidents, crashes and wrecks occurring in Pompano Beach and throughout the State of Florida.

Pompano Beach is also home to the Pompano Beach Airpark, which houses the Goodyear Blimp “Spirit of Innovation.” Mr. Quackenbush handles cases involving blimp wrecks, crashes and accidents. He also handles cases involving airplane and aviation accidents, wrecks and crashes. Finally, he represents clients who have been involved in accidents in airports.

The name “Pompano Beach” comes from the Florida “Pompano,” a fish that lives in the Atlantic Ocean. It appears that people began living in Pompano Beach in the mid-1880’s. Railway employees began living in the area in 1896. The first train ran through the area that year.

Mr. Quackenbush represents people have been injured in train accidents, wrecks and crashes as well.

This Pompano Beach Personal Injury Law Firm Provides Compassionate Representation

Pompano Beach was originally part of Palm Beach County, Florida. At one point, it was also part of Dade County, Florida. In 1915, it finally became part of Broward County.

During the 1920’s, Pompano Beach grew as a City quickly. Its growth continued, and today much of the population is made up of tourists or snowbirds. Mr. Quackenbush represents many of these people in their personal injury cases – including their cruise ship accident cases.

17.4 percent of homes in Pompano Beach included children as of the year 2010. Additionally, 17.7% of the total population of Pompano Beach was made up of minors as of the year 2000. It is therefore a kid/family-friendly City.

Mr. Quackenbush represents children in their personal injury cases, although it is technically their parents who must act as the “Plaintiff” and carry forth the case. When a child’s case is settled, it must frequently be approved by a judge – who will oftentimes authorize a “structured settlement” allowing payments once the child reaches the age of 18.

As of the year 2000, 23.4 percent of people in Pompano Beach were over the age of 65. Mr. Quackenbush represents the elderly in their cases of elder abuse and nursing home neglect.

The median income for a household in Pompano Beach was $36,073 as of the year 2000. The median income for a family was $44,195. The per capita income was $23,938. If you cannot work after your accident, Mr. Quackenbush may pursue a “lose wage” claim on your behalf. In this type of claim, Mr. Quackenbush will attempt to get you reimbursed for your time missed at work.

If you won’t be able to work in the future, Mr. Quackenbush may make a “loss of future earning capacity” claim on your behalf. In this type of claim, Mr. Quackenbush will attempt to get you reimbursed for money you will lose in the future as a result of your not being able to work.

Because these damages are speculative, Mr. Quackenbush may hire a “vocational rehabilitation” expert to evaluate you and attempt to determine what type of work, if any, you’ll be able to do in the future. He may also hire an expert called an “economist” to try to quantify these damages.

The Associated Grocers of Florida is an organization located in Pompano Beach. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in grocery stores and other business establishments. These cases are referred to as cases of premises liability. They include slip & fall and trip and fall accidents.

They also include negligent security cases. When you’re injured as the victim of crime on the property of another person or entity because the other person or entity did not provide enough or adequate security, then you may have a negligent security case. Your case will be strongest if the crime occurred in a high crime area because then it will be easy for Mr. Quackenbush to argue that the property owner should have provided proper security.

The biggest employers in the City of Pompano Beach are Pompano Park, the City of Pompano Beach, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Walmart, Publix, Aetna Rx Home Delivery, Point Blank Solutions, Associated Grocers of Florida, Pompano Masonry, and FreshPoint. Mr. Quackenbush handles premises liability cases (including slip and fall and trip & fall cases) against Walmart and Publix as well.

There are two malls in Pompano Beach, including the Festival Flea Market Mall and the Pompano Citi Centre. Mr. Quackenbush likewise handles premises liability cases which occur in malls in Pompano Beach and throughout the State of Florida.

The Pompano Beach Golf Course is located in the City as well. Mr. Quackenbush represents people who have been injured on golf courses in Pompano Beach and around the State of Florida. This includes golf cart crashes, wrecks and accidents.

Pompano Beach is serviced by “The Pompano Pelican” (a newspaper), the “Deerfield-Pompano Beach Forum,” “Pompano Post Community Newspaper,” and the TV show “Today in Pompano.”

There is a Tri-Rail station located in Pompano Beach. Additionally, Pompano Beach is serviced by several bus routes. Mr. Quackenbush represents people who have been injured in bus crash, accident and wrecks in Pompano Beach and throughout the State of Florida.

Assistance in Times of Need Provided by This Pompano Beach Car Accident Attorney

Mr. Quackenbush represents people who have been injured in car, automobile and vehicle accidents, crashes and wrecks in Pompano Beach and throughout the State of Florida. He also represents Pompano Beach residents in their products liability and medical malpractice cases.

For a free, no obligation consultation, you can reach Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288. He will happily talk to you about your case for free. If he ends up as your lawyer, he will work on a contingency basis – which means there is no risk to you because he won’t get paid until you’ve made a recovery in your case.

Client Reviews

Anthony is knowledgeable, accessible and provides explanations in detail so your particular case is easier to understand step by step. I strongly recommend Anthony to anyone in search of an attorney.

Justin W.

Anthony Quackenbush is a top-notch attorney who will go the distance for you and your family. There aren’t many attorneys you can trust in South Florida, but rest assured that Mr. Quackenbush is as loyal and trustworthy as they come.

Gabriel D.

Tony Quackenbush is an awesome attorney. He was patient, effective, and professional with handling my personal injury case. He secured more money for my injury then I ever would have hoped or dreamed. I'm whole today because of Tony.

Yesi P.

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