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Miami Post-Surgical Infection Attorney

Call this Miami Post-Surgical Infection Lawyer if you’ve gotten sick after an operation. Sometimes, surgeries are necessary. However, following surgeries, it is extremely important to monitor patients because infections can happen. If you’ve developed an infection after a surgery, then you may have a medical malpractice case against the surgeon, hospital or medical facility where your surgery occurred.

Post-surgical infections can result from any number of things. These include dirty, unclean or unsanitary surgical tools. Doctors or medical staff are supposed to adequately clean and sanitize surgical instruments in between surgeries. However, unbelievably, this isn’t always done. If it isn’t, then the surgical tool could introduce dangerous bacteria into your body at the surgical site. This can potentially cause you to develop a dangerous infection after the surgery.

Another possible cause of post-procedure infections is unsanitary environments. These include operating rooms (“OR’s”) which aren’t adequately ventilated. If a room isn’t ventilated enough, air may “sit.” This can cause bacteria to develop in the air.

During an “open” surgical procedure, your body is actually “opened up,” a wound is created and your insides are exposed to the outside environment. If there is dangerous bacteria in the area, then that bacteria can enter into your body. When this occurs, an infection can potentially develop after the procedure. It is therefore the surgeon and medical staff’s responsibility to make sure that the OR is adequately ventilated.

If you experience an infection after a surgery anyplace in Florida (including Miami, Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, and West Palm Beach), call Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288. You can receive compensation for your injuries alongside this Miami Post-Surgical Infection Law Firm. Mr. Quackenbush will talk to you about your case free of charge.

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Dirty, unclean or unsanitary hands may also cause you post-procedure infection. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are obligated to keep their hands clean while treating patients. However, unfortunately this isn’t always done. For example, doctors or nurses may use the restroom/bathroom and unbelievably not wash their hands. If the doctor or nurse then treats a patient, then an infection can be caused. In this situation, the doctor or nurse will be responsible.

If a doctor or nurse knows that he or she is sick or carrying an infection him or herself, then the doctor or nurse should not treat patients. After all, infections can easily be transmitted. In that situation, the doctor or nurse should tell the hospital about the infection and be released from work. If a doctor doesn’t do this and infects a patient, then the doctor will be responsible for the harm.

On the other hand, if a nurse doesn’t tell the hospital that he or she has an infection and infects a patient as a result, then the hospital will be liable. This is because nurses are typically employees of the hospitals where they work, and employers are typically responsible for their employees’ actions.

Similarly, if a doctor tells a hospital where he works that he is carrying an infection but the hospital does not prevent him from working, then the hospital will be liable if the doctor then subsequently infects patients. After all, the hospital should have prevented him/her from working.

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A surgical-site infection (SSI) may develop when an open wound develops an infection after surgery (usually as a result of exposure to bacteria on hands, surgical tools/instruments or unsanitary environment/air). A catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) is also a risk. A CAUTI may develop when a dirty/unclean/unsanitary catheter is placed in the urinary tract, or when the catheter in inserted in an unsanitary environment/air.

A methicillin-resistant staphylococcus sureus (“MRSA”) is a type of staph infection. People frequently contract MRSA in hospitals, and they may easily do so after a surgery/operation/procedure. MRSA may cause:

  • Bone deterioration.
  • Muscle deterioration
  • Death

If your post-surgical infection becomes bad enough, then you may develop sepsis. If this occurs, your body will actually begin to attack itself. Your organs may consequently be injured and, in the worst case situations, death can result.

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