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This Miami Quadriplegia Attorney Assists Catastrophically Injured Clients

Contact this compassionate Miami quadriplegia lawyer if you or a family member has been diagnosed with paralysis because of an accident or a catastrophic incident. Mr. Quackenbush people who have been seriously hurt and are experiencing quadriplegia in all areas of Florida.

Quadriplegia (also known as tetraplegia) can be the result when one of the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck are injured or damaged. Not only is a loss of feeling in the arms and legs, both lower and upper parts of the body, a result of quadriplegia – but intense stinging and pain caused by nerve damage, bladder and bowel complications, as well as muscle spasms can happen as well.

Quadriplegia is defined as the involuntary loss of use of a person’s upper and lower extremities or the loss of voluntary movement of her or his body below the neck. Quadriplegia can result from severely traumatic events and devastate the lives of both the injured person and their friends and families.

If you or somebody in your family is experiencing quadriplegia-inducing injuries as a result of the negligence of another anyplace in Florida (including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, and Palm Beach County), you should immediately contact Mr. Quackenbush to help you get the compensation you deserve. This Miami Quadriplegia Law Firm can help. Contact Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288, to obtain a free, no-obligation consultation. Should you make the decision to retain Mr. Quackenbush, he will operate on contingency. This means that he won’t get paid until you have obtained a recovery and received compensation in your case, so there is no risk to you.

Miami Quadriplegia Lawyer Anthony Quackenbush Gives Advice to Clients with Paralysis

Quadriplegia can occur in several numbers of ways. Usually, in a situation where a person becomes a quadriplegic through the carelessness of another, it is because of a major trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident or another type of injury. Alternatively, quadriplegia can also result from medical malpractice through any number of ways – thus the manner in which a person becomes a quadriplegic varies considerably. Quadriplegia can take place because of non-traumatic causes also.

Moreover, quadriplegia can result from car accidents. After a vehicle accident, people experiencing quadriplegia have usually sustained spinal cord injuries. Damaged spinal cords can cause a person to lose mobility and sensation in two limbs (causing paraplegia) or all four limbs (causing quadriplegia).

This Miami-Dade Quadriplegia Attorney Works Relentlessly for Hurt Clients

Mr. Anthony Quackenbush is a compassionate attorney. He fully sympathizes with the pain and suffering that results from a diagnosis of quadriplegia. People who are suffering from quadriplegia might experience severe mental anguish that results from the loss of their previous lives. Thus, it is important for everyone who has been a victim of carelessness that results in quadriplegia to retain an experienced and qualified attorney to handle his or her claim.

Mr. Quackenbush will most likely retain an expert known as a “Life Care Planner.” This expert will try to determine the cost of your future medical care. It is easy to figure out your medical bills in the past. The future is harder to determine, and so the life care planner will try to predict the expected cost of your medical bills and care into the future. This helps Mr. Quackenbush to ask a Judge and Jury for a specific amount of compensation for your medical treatment in the future.

Make a Recovery with the Help of an Effective South Florida Quadriplegia Law Firm

If you or a loved one have suffered or are suffering from quadriplegia as a result of someone’s negligence committed anyplace in Miami-Dade County (including Aventura, Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Doral, Florida City, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Homestead, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Opa-Locka, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, South Miami, and Sunny Isles Beach), you could receive compensation for all that you have endured. Mr. Quackenbush can help you gain some peace of mind after this devastating event. To reach Mr. Quackenbush, call 954-448-7288 and set up a free, no-obligation consultation. Mr. Quackenbush works on contingency, which means he will not get paid until or unless you win the compensation you deserve.

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Anthony is knowledgeable, accessible and provides explanations in detail so your particular case is easier to understand step by step. I strongly recommend Anthony to anyone in search of an attorney.

Justin W.

Anthony Quackenbush is a top-notch attorney who will go the distance for you and your family. There aren’t many attorneys you can trust in South Florida, but rest assured that Mr. Quackenbush is as loyal and trustworthy as they come.

Gabriel D.

Tony Quackenbush is an awesome attorney. He was patient, effective, and professional with handling my personal injury case. He secured more money for my injury then I ever would have hoped or dreamed. I'm whole today because of Tony.

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