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Miami Boat Accident Attorney

This Miami Boat Accident Attorney Helps Those Injured on the Water

Boating with family and friends can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in life, but it’s important to keep in mind that it can also be hazardous. Like all types of motor vehicle transportation, boating involves strict safety rules that should be followed to make sure that everybody on the waterway is kept safe. However, these rules are not always followed, and tragic accidents can easily happen as a result.

When you are injured in a boat accident, crash, collision or wreck because of the carelessness of a boater, it is important to contact Mr. Quackenbush, a skilled Miami boat accident attorney who represents clients who have been injured on the water.

Boat accidents can be caused due to any number of reasons. For example, boat crashes can be caused by operator inattention, the inexperience of operators, improper lookout, excessive speed, impaired operation, equipment failure and weather changes.

A person injured on a boat because of the negligence of a driver or other person is legally entitled to seek damages to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, and missed time at work.

Even if waivers or releases have been signed, people injured on boats and cruises are often allowed to seek compensation. And the families of people who have passed away in recreational boating accidents might also seek compensation.

Another type of boating accident case are those cases involving personal injuries to children and young adults at summer camps. Summer camps frequently involve boating activities, or activities occurring on shores or docks.

If you have been injured in a boat accident, crash, collision or wreck occurring anywhere in the State of Florida (including Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, West Palm Beach or Palm Beach County) or you have lost a loved one in a boating collision, contact Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288. He is available to discuss your case. He will give you a free, no-obligation consultation and will work on contingency. This means that there is no risk to you as Mr. Quackenbush won’t get paid for his work until you’ve received compensation in your case.

This Miami Boat Accident Lawyer Give Advice to Boat Accidents Victims

The mechanical failure of a boat is another common cause of boat accidents. You might have a boat products liability case against the designer or manufacturer of the boat if the equipment on your boat malfunctions and causes an accident.

Another common cause of boat accidents is the use of alcohol and/or drugs. People on boats are usually enjoying themselves and relaxing. This can involve the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs. However, intoxication can lead to impaired driving and resulting boat crashes.

Just because you are not on the road does not give you the right to drink and drive a boat. People injured in the boat wreck might have a case against the driver of the boat if he or she was intoxicated at the time of the accident. In that case, the injured people might be able to pursue punitive damages claims against the driver of the boat. Punitive damages are designed to punish the wrongdoer, rather than compensate the victim (as compensatory damages are designed to do). This Miami Boat Accident Lawyer will assess your case and help you select the best legal option.

This Miami-Dade County Boat Crash Law Firm Pursues Justice Aggressively

One of the most important things for a person injured in a boating accident to do is to select an injury lawyer he or she trusts. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in yachts, speed boats, jet boats, boats with center consoles, sailboats, catamarans, powerboats, motorboats, airboats, barges, dinghy’s, fishing boats, pontoon boats, towboats, tugboats, and water taxies.

Whether your boating injuries were caused by the driver of the boat you were on or caused by another boat’s captain or crew, Mr. Quackenbush understands how Courts view these cases, and he knows how to reconstruct an accident in order to prove liability. He also stands ready to assist professional boaters injured on the job to obtain benefits and seek recovery from any potential third parties. Mr. Quackenbush represents people who have been injured in all types of waterways. In Miami, these include the Intracoastal, Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Miami River – amongst other waterways.

Client Compensation won by This South Florida Boat Wreck/Collision Attorney

If you or someone you know has been involved in a boating accident, contact Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288. He works on a contingency basis which means that you do not pay unless until he either wins your case in court or settles out of court. He offers a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal options.

Client Reviews

Anthony is knowledgeable, accessible and provides explanations in detail so your particular case is easier to understand step by step. I strongly recommend Anthony to anyone in search of an attorney.

Justin W.

Anthony Quackenbush is a top-notch attorney who will go the distance for you and your family. There aren’t many attorneys you can trust in South Florida, but rest assured that Mr. Quackenbush is as loyal and trustworthy as they come.

Gabriel D.

Tony Quackenbush is an awesome attorney. He was patient, effective, and professional with handling my personal injury case. He secured more money for my injury then I ever would have hoped or dreamed. I'm whole today because of Tony.

Yesi P.

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