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This Hollywood Personal Injury Lawyer has as his number one goal justice on behalf of his clients. Hollywood, Florida is located in between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Miami, Florida. It is situated in southeastern Broward County, Florida. To the north of Hollywood are Fort Lauderdale and Dania Beach, to the northwest are Davie and Cooper City, to the west is Pembroke Pines, to the southwest is Miramar, and to the south are West Park, Pembroke Park and Hallandale Beach.

There were approximately 149,728 people living in Hollywood as of the year 2015, so Hollywood is a relatively large City. In fact, it is currently the twelfth biggest City in the State of Florida.

The City of Hollywood was founded in 1921 and incorporated as a City in 1925. It grew quickly in population in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The City of Hollywood is governed by a City Commission and run by a City Manager. Hollywood has a Mayor, a Vice Mayor, five City Commissioners, and a City Clerk.

Lawsuits against the City are referred to as cases of “sovereign immunity” and must be approved by the City Commission. Sovereign immunity cases have restrictions such as notice requirements and limitations such as caps on damages. That is, lawsuits against a city, county or the State can typically only result in up to $200,000 in compensation – unless “claims bill” legislation is passed in the State Legislature in Tallahassee.

Hollywood’s nickname is “Diamond of the Gold Coast.” The City was named after Hollywood, California and was originally intended to be a motion picture center. The original name of the City was “Hollywood by the Sea.” The City has eight sister cities.

There are eight zip codes in the City of Hollywood. There are approximately 30.73 square miles in the City. Included in that is 3.45 square miles of water. Hollywood encompasses 5 to 6 miles of beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Although water/beach activities are fun, they can also be extremely dangerous. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in boating and jet ski/waverunner accidents, crashes and wrecks. He also helps clients who have been hurt in parasailing accidents.

Should you want a free, no obligation consultation, contact Mr. Quackenbush 954-448-7288. If you’ve been injured in an accident occurring in Hollywood or anyplace in the State of Florida, Mr. Quackenbush will speak to you about your case for free. If Mr. Quackenbush becomes your attorney, he will represent you on a contingency basis – which means that Mr. Quackenbush won’t get paid for his work until you’ve been compensated for your injuries

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24.9 percent of homes in Hollywood include children. 21.3 % of the City’s population is made up of children. There are 32 public and charter schools in the City of Hollywood and 13 private schools. These include four high schools, five public charter schools, six public middle schools, fourteen public elementary schools, and twenty four private schools.

Hollywood is therefore a very family/kid friendly City. Mr. Quackenbush represents children in their personal injury cases. When a minor is injured in an accident, it is typically the child’s parents who must step in and act as the technical “Plaintiffs” and bring the suit. Once the lawsuit has been settled, the settlement must frequently be approved by a judge, and these settlements are oftentimes in the form of a “structured settlement” – in which payments are made in regular installments once the child reaches the age of majority.

17.3 percent of Hollywood’s population is made up of people over the age of 65. As elderly people can become more vulnerable as they age, Mr. Quackenbush represents the elderly in their nursing home neglect and elderly abuse cases.

The median income for a household in Hollywood was $40,714 as of the year 2000, and the median income for a family was $55,849. The City’s per capita income was $22,097. When somebody is injured in an accident, frequently they are not able to work after the accident. If this is the case in your situation, Mr. Quackenbush may pursue a “lost wage” claim and attempt to get you reimbursed for your losses. If it’s anticipated that you won’t be able to work in the future, Mr. Quackenbush may make a “loss of future earning capacity” claim.

As future lost wages are speculative, they can be difficult to determine. As such, Mr. Quackenbush may hire a vocational rehabilitation expert to evaluate you and your job and determine what type of work, if any, you will be able to do in the future. He may also hire an expert called an “economist” to try to quantify the amount of loss wages you will experience in the future.

Client Compensation Gained by this Hollywood Personal Injury Law Firm

There are seven golf courses in Hollywood. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in accidents on golf courses – including golf cart accidents, crashes and wrecks.

Hollywood is known for its boardwalk that runs about two-and-a-half miles along the Atlantic Ocean beach. Public trolleys run along the beach. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in accidents involving trolleys and other types of vehicles.

There are many restaurants and hotels along the Hollywood Boardwalk. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in stores, restaurants and all types of business establishments. These are referred to as premises liability cases and include slip and fall and trip & fall accidents.

Premises liability also includes negligent security cases. A negligent security case results when you are injured as the victim of crime on another person or entity’s property. If the other person or entity did not provide adequate or proper security (thus allowing the crime to occur) and you were injured as a result, you may have a negligent security case. Your case will be strongest if the crime occurred in a high-crime area because, in that case, the owner of the property should have known of the threat and provided more security.

The Hollywood Boardwalk also includes a children’s playground. Mr. Quackenbush represents children who have been injured in playground accidents in Hollywood and throughout Florida.

There are several bicycle rental shops on the Hollywood Boardwalk as well. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in bicycle accidents, crashes and wrecks in Hollywood and throughout Florida.

Young Circle is another popular area in Hollywood. It includes many bars and restaurants, and Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in these types of establishments as well.

Commodore Cruise Line and Crown Cruise Line used to have their headquarters in Hollywood. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in cruise ship accidents.

The top employers in Hollywood are Memorial Healthcare System, the Continental Group, the City of Hollywood, the Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood, Memorial Regional Hospital South, Kid Stuff Records, BrandsMart USA, HEICO, Great HealthWorks, Sheridan Technical College and Technical High School, and Hollywood Woodwork. Mr. Quackenbush represents people who have been injured in hospitals. These cases are known as medical malpractice or doctor negligent cases, and Mr. Quackenbush helps these clients in Hollywood and around the State of Florida.

The main police agency in Hollywood is the Hollywood Police Department.

Hollywood is served by the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in airplane accidents, crashes and wrecks. These cases may be governed by a doctrine called the “Montreal Convention,” so, if you’ve been injured in an airplane accident, it’s important to call Mr. Quackenbush as soon as possible.

Broward County Transit runs several bus routes through the City. Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in bus accidents, crashes and wrecks in Hollywood and throughout the State of Florida.

There are two Tri-Rail stations in Hollywood, and Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who have been injured in train accidents, crashes and wrecks in Hollywood and throughout Florida.

Hollywood is home to The Hollywood Playhouse, and Mr. Quackenbush represents clients who’ve been injured in playhouses and movie theatres.

Protect Your Rights with the Help of a Hollywood Car Accident Attorney

Mr. Quackenbush represents clients in their car, vehicle, and automobile crash, accident and wreck cases in Hollywood and throughout the State of Florida. He also represents clients in Hollywood in their products liability and defective products cases.

If you’ve been injured in an accident happening in Hollywood or anyplace in Florida, contact Mr. Quackenbush for a free, no obligation consultation. He can be reached at 954-448-7288. Once you’ve hired Mr. Quackenbush, he will work on contingency. This means that he won’t be paid until you’ve made a recovery in your case. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever.

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