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Anthony Quackenbush is a Fort Lauderdale CVS Accident Lawyer who helps injured shoppers throughout Florida. CVS is a pharmacy or drugstore with stores all over the State of Florida. While CVS is a place where customers go to get their prescriptions filled, it’s also a place where people go to do their shopping.

Although CVS serves an important purpose, it can also be a dangerous place. For example, slip and fall and trip & fall accidents happen in CVS all of the time. Customers may slip & fall on liquid on the ground or floor, or they may trip over objects left on the ground/floor. Liquids left on the floor/ground may include juice, soda, or water.

If you’ve fallen on a liquid or object in CVS and you’ve been hurt as a result, you will be able to pursue a case as long as you can prove that CVS had notice of the dangerous condition. This notice can be in the form of “actual notice” (i.e., CVS employees actually knew about the dangerous condition and didn’t do anything about it) or “constructive notice” (the dangerous condition was there long enough that the CVS employees should have known about it.

You will be able to prove that CVS employees had actual notice of the dangerous condition if you can show that the employees either a) created the dangerous condition themselves (e.g., by leaving the liquid or object on the floor themselves) or b) were aware of the dangerous condition and did nothing about it.

On the other hand, you will be able to prove that CVS employees had constructive notice of the dangerous condition if you can prove the dangerous condition had existed for some time. After all, if the dangerous condition existed for a while, then the CVS employees should have known about it.

If you’ve been hurt in a CVS anyplace in Florida (including West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Miami and Miami-Dade County), contact Mr. Quackenbush at 954-448-7288. This Fort Lauderdale CVS Accident Attorney can help get you the compensation you need. Mr. Quackenbush will talk to you about your case for free.

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You can prove that the dangerous condition had existed for some time using circumstantial evidence (e.g., dirt or tracks in water on the ground/floor or the fact that the dangerous condition existed in a place where CVS employees could have easily seen it).

If a CVS employee negligently injures you, then again CVS will be “vicariously liable” under a theory of “respondeat superior.” The respondeat superior theory says that an employer will be responsible for the actions of its employees as long as those actions are committed within the scope of the employee’s work. For example, if the employee commits a crime while on the job, the employer can argue that the crime was not in the job duties of the employee and therefore the employer should be able to escape liability.

However, even in that situation, you may be able to argue that the employer was responsible under a theory of negligent hiring, negligent retention or negligent supervision if you are able to show that the employer knew the employee was a bad employee (e.g., had a criminal history, etc.) and the employer hired or kept the employee on anyway.

Because there is so much merchandise in CVS stores, occasionally merchandise will fall off of the rack and injure customers. If this occurred to you, then you may be able to pursue a personal injury case against CVS.

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Finally, occasionally the wrong medication, or wrong amount of medication, will be given in the CVS pharmacy. For example, one patient’s medication may accidentally be given to another patient. Or the wrong dosage of a certain medication may be given to a patient.

This situation is referred to as a pharmacy misfill, and it can cause all sorts of health problems – including sickness and even death. If this occurred to you or a loved one, the important thing is to keep the evidence of the misfill. This will usually include the prescription pill bottle that was given to you with the incorrect information. It also include the actual pills or medication that was given to you, if you still have it. This is important because the pharmacy may try to deny that the wrong medication or dose was given to you, but it will be tough for the pharmacy to do so if you have the actual evidence of the misfill.

If your loved one tragically passed away as a result of a prescription mis-fill, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death case on your loved one’s behalf. In this scenario, you or another relative/family member will likely be appointed as the “personal representative” (“PR”) of the estate that will have to be set-up, and proceeds from the case will go to your loved one’s survivors (the “beneficiaries of the estate”).

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