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Mr. Quackenbush helps his clients as a Fort Lauderdale Surgical Staples Injuries Lawyer. Surgical staples are devices that are used to close wounds. They are typically used in place of stitches.

Surgical staples are used after injuries. They are also used after surgeries. When a surgery is done, frequently the body will have to be opened up in order for the surgeon to access internal organs. When this is done, a wound will be left where the surgeon opened up the skin. After the operation, the wound may be closed with surgical staples.

Surgical staples can, in many cases, be easier for the doctor to use than staples. When internal body organs are operated on, surgical staples may also be used to seal the internal organs after the procedure.

Surgical staples are frequently used during gastrointestinal surgeries. This includes gastric bypass procedures. Surgical staples are also frequently used in lung, appendix, cardiac and circulatory system surgeries.

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Crucial Guidance for Clients of This Fort Lauderdale Surgical Staples Injuries Lawyer

Surgical staples injuries can be caused by a variety of things. These include situations wherein the surgical “stapler” (the device used to place the staples) misfires or malfunctions. A defective stapler can easily cause injuries. Surgical staples injuries can also be caused when the staples become stuck in the skin of patients. In some situations, the surgical stapler itself may become attached to bodily tissue. In that case, the surgeon may need to remove some bodily tissue in order to de-attach the stapler.

Common injuries due to surgical staples include pain, bleeding, organ failure, and infection. Additionally, if the surgical staples aren’t properly placed between organs and bodily tissues and don’t “take,” then those organs and tissues can become separated. This can be catastrophic if the intent of the surgeon was to keep those organs and tissues connected.

Finally, if the surgical staples don’t operate properly, then blood or other bodily fluid may leak from bodily organs or tissue. This can cause internal infection, sepsis and, at its worse, death.

This South Florida Surgical Staples Injuries Law Firm Pursues Justice Aggressively

If your loved one has tragically passed away as a result of defective surgical staples, then you may be able to pursue a wrongful death case on your loved one’s behalf. In this situation, a relative or family member of the decedent will typically be appointed as the personal representative of your loved one’s estate. Your loved one’s survivors will be the beneficiaries of the estate.

If you’ve been injured due to surgical staples, there are various people or entities who you may be able to bring a case against. If your injuries were caused by a defective stapler device or staples, then your case may be against the manufacturer of the stapler (such as Tyco International – which makes many of the surgical staplers worldwide). A surgical stapler manufacturer is responsible for building a safe device. If it doesn’t and the device causes harm as a result, then the manufacturer may be responsible for that harm. Your case against the manufacturer of the surgical stapler would be referred to as a medical device products liability case.

On the other hand, if your surgical staples injuries were caused by the surgeon’s negligence using the device, then you may have a medical malpractice case against the doctor him or herself.

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Should you hire Mr. Quackenbush as your lawyer, there will be no risk to you as he will work on contingency. This means that Mr. Quackenbush won’t get paid until a recovery has been made in your case.

Call Mr. Quackenbush if you’ve sustained injuries due to surgical staples or a surgical stapler anywhere in the State of Florida – including West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Miami, or Miami-Dade County. Mr. Quackenbush will give you a free, no obligation consultation. He can be reached at 954-448-7288.

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