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Radiation is a type of treatment given to certain cancer patients. The purpose of radiation is to destroy cancer cells, shrink tumors and limit the spread of cancer.

Radiation treatment may be administered in several different ways. For one, doctors may use a machine in order to deliver the radiation. On the other hand, in a process called “internal radiation therapy,” a radioactive substance may be placed inside the body close to cancer cells. The goal with this type of radiation treatment is to destroy the adjacent cancer cells.

Finally, radiation may be delivered in the form of radioactive iodine or another substance. In this form, it is typically delivered through the blood.

Mr. Quackenbush doesn’t get paid until his clients have been compensated for their injuries. If his clients don’t make recoveries in their cases, then Mr. Quackenbush doesn’t get paid. This is referred to as contingency, and it indicates that there is no risk to you.

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Nevertheless, while radiation can be a helpful treatment form, it can also be extremely dangerous if administered incorrectly. Radiation errors frequently occur when too much radiation is given (i.e., “radiation contamination”). Radiation is meant to be administered in small doses. When too much radiation is given, it can kill healthy, normal cells (in addition to the cancer cells). If enough normal, healthy cells are destroyed, this can cause catastrophic consequences.

Inappropriately-given radiation can actually cause new cancer cells to develop or tumors to grow, rather than eliminate the cancer cells.

Cancer patients who have been given too much radiation can have difficulty talking/speech difficulties, difficulty walking/”gait” difficulties, difficulty eating, and balance problems/propensity to fall. If the problems are bad enough, they may unfortunately be permanent.

Another form of radiation negligence is “radiation incorporation.” With radiation incorporation, bodily organs and tissue absorbs radiation – causing them to be affected by the radiation and the overall health of the body to be diminished.

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After a radiation mistake, the effects may appear immediately. On the other hand, they may not appear until much later after the malpractice. These symptoms may include nausea, headaches, fever, vomiting, skin burns, dizziness, fatigue, hair loss, low blood pressure, and bloody stool.

Radiation malpractice can occur because of a doctor’s negligence. On the other hand, it can occur because of mechanical failure. Defective equipment can, for example, cause too much radiation to be given during treatment.

Radiation malpractice or negligence may also come in the form of over-radiation or radiation-overexposure. This may involve patients that aren’t necessarily being treated for cancer. For example, diagnostic studies (i.e., x-rays, MRI’s or CT scans) rely heavily on radiation. A person who has been forced to undergo many diagnostic studies for any number of reasons (e.g., broken bones, etc.) may have been unnecessarily exposed to excessive radiation.

MRI-technicians, CT scan technicians or X-ray technicians may allow patients to be unnecessarily exposed to radiation during a diagnostic test. Defective equipment may also allow radiation to come into contact with patients during a diagnostic study.

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Mr. Quackenbush doesn’t get paid until his clients have been compensated for their injuries. If his clients don’t make recoveries their cases, then Mr. Quackenbush doesn’t get paid. This indicates that there is no risk to you, and it is referred to as contingency.

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